Lulu – Girls-Only Rating App

Lulu is essentially a virtual response to the old bathroom wall. By rather than simply dialing 867-5309 for a good time with Jenny and taking your chances, you can get a whole slew of ratings on a guy using the Lulu app. Everything from how often he pays for dinner to how wild he is in bed. Not to mention a bunch of personal information from Facebook a lot of guys may not want shared. And since they don’t know its been downloaded, this data is going to stay in Lulu’s database until Lulu merges, goes bankrupt, or gets sued.

Of course, how many women keep ex’s on their friend’s list? Or perhaps, what kind of women keeps all of her old flames on her friend’s list? We posted a little research ourselves. Here’s the problem. Lulu promote anonymity. But in their terms and conditions, they require you to get the permission from every person you rate. In other words, they are advertising one thing, then trying to cover their asses with making you legally responsible if the guy you upload decides he doesn’t like his personal data distributed around. We have an app distributed through Google and Apple that violates its own terms and conditions and sucks up and stores data about guys without their permission for long-term storage.  More on the privacy issues with Lulu on Tony Phelp’s editorial blog.